Monday, October 20, 2014

CliniClass is in Session

I've had plenty of classes that I've enjoyed, mainly because I'm studying a field that keeps me interested. My favorite class, though, is clinical practicum. This is a class in which we put the things we've learned in our classes into practice in an actual clinical setting. We administer diagnostic evaluations, provide treatment and educate our patients on how to improve on their current status. Although preparation involves intricate planning and intense studying, it's undoubtedly worth it. All of the hard work is rewarding, since this is what helps clients to achieve their goals. Besides the nature of the coursework, I always have amazing supervisors that make the experience more pleasant. They're always willing to offer suggestions as well as provide critical feedback about my performance. Clinical practicum has been an unforgettable learning experience that has shaped me toward my ultimate goal: becoming the Beyonce of Speech-Pathology LOL.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hold on, We're Coming Home

The University of South Alabama is naturally, a very spirited school. As I've said in a previous post, students really get into football games and wear paraphanelia regularly. There is one week in particular though, that totally embodies the school spirit of South: Homecoming Week. It's a week full of festivities celebrating the gloriousness that is SOUTH and building hype around the big football game that takes place on that Saturday. This week is actually Homecoming Week at South, and there's plenty to get into. The student center hosted an event earlier this week which invited students to enjoy food, music & fun activities to get the jag swag in motion. Later today, the Mitchell Center here on Campus will be hosting a similar event with free food, music, games & giveaways to get the jag adrenaline flowing. Events like these are great opportunities to socialize with fellow jags and bond over our pride for the USA.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I often talk about how I've had the best college experience at the University of South Alabama. Instead of citing a single event, I will say that there are many experiences that I've had due to my being a student at USA. I've not only had the luxury of visiting the beach on weekends & school holidays & indulging in fresh seafood.but I  have also been  able to experience warm weather for the majority of the year. These things are all complementary to the awesome academic experience I've had as a student. All of my professors & clinical supervisors have been extremely helpful in educating & making me feel at ease. Moreover, my classmates' level of dedication is so admirable & motivates me to be a better student. I owe my gratitude from my great experience all to USA.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preparation for Greatness

As a high school senior, it's tempting to get wrapped up in the hype surrounding senior year. There is homecoming, senior pictures, prom & graduation to name a few, & no one wants to say they didn't get their full senior year experience. It's fine to participate in all the senior shenanigans, but don't be so short-sighted that you forget your ultimate goal of getting to college. You not only want to be enrolled in college, but you should aim to be successful. It's important to prepare yourself for this, as with all great things. To begin with, you have to understand the formula: discipline + consistency = success!!! It's a simple concept, but it's not as simple to implement. Make sure you practice (or practice developing) good study habits while your in high school. This will be a necessary habit to have as a college student. Also, practice simple routines, such as being on time and building good rapport with authority figures as these things will also be handy in your success. Lastly, practice remaining calm. It's easy to become overwhelmed by this new transition and the new responsibilities it holds. Just remember to keep calm: the stress is all a part of your road to success.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time to Kill

The older I get, the more I realize how much of a gift time really is. When I came to college, I definitely had no idea and took the extra time I gained in my schedule for granted. In the beginning of my freshman year, I spent a lot of my free time doing fruitless things like perusing the internet and TJMAXX, sleeping and just doing whatever else snagged my interest. Unfortunately, little did I realize that working on upcoming assignments in advance would be a lot more beneficial. As the semester progressed, I noticed I was spending a lot of time playing catch up, even though I had been given a list of upcoming assignments on the syllabus for each class. To avoid unnecessary stress from procrastination, I began writing upcoming assignments throughout my planner, so that during "free time" I could work ahead and complete those assignments. This definitely helped me to stress less and freed up more time later on, since I'd completed my assignments in advance.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Football Fever

As a southern woman, I should be dainty, hospitable and an avid football fan... or so they say. I guess 0.5 out of those three stereotypes isn't so bad, with the "0.5" representing my being halfway hospitable. Although not being dainty has not been to my detriment, it can actually be isolating to be a southerner and to not to be into football. This is also true with my being a USA student, since I've heard so many GREAT stories about the excitement surrounding our football games and our football team in general.

One of my fellow JagGuides told me that he recently stood in line ALL NIGHT LONG to get his hands on a parking pass for the Mississippi State Game. The fact that he not only stood uncomfortably, but also went without sleep just to make sure he would be able to park at the game spoke volumes to me: I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MADNESS!!!

I've gotten revved up to the point that I've wanted to go some games to join the fun that is USA football: anything that gives other students such an intense sense of pride and makes them so uncontrollably excited to support the Jaguars is ok with me! Unfortunately, my very limited knowledge about how football actually works and my work load from graduate school always politely remind me to calm down.

Fortunately, I'm still graceful and classy

and I support the JAGS in my paraphernalia (and in spirit at the games) no matter what!!!

...unfortunately, I've been condemned to the kitchen. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Metamorphosis

Transitioning from high school to college was a real challenge for me: I felt a tremendous shock wave in moving into a new realm of independence. While I've always been an independent spirit, I still appreciated the occasional nudges from my parents for some things, like waking up in time to accomplish the day's tasks. 

I've always been a night owl and simply someone who thoroughly enjoys sleeping overall, so most times, my parents offered bits of "motivation" to wake up while I was in high school. Not having a car to drive effectively led me out of bed every morning. 

On the other hand, with the extra time in I gained in between classes in college, coupled with the late nights of studying, my priorities changed significantly.....

Needless to say, I quickly learned there were still repercussions to face in college for being late and/or absent. Although the transition from high school to college was tough, it definitely helped to make my transition from the undergraduate to graduate level occur more smoothly.